You're invited to the live show that is being touted as the next "streaming television sensation".


THE BENCH - 2 LA Performances - SATURDAY MARCH 23 & SATURDAY MARCH 30, 2019, 3pm Curtain

Saturday March 23 and Saturday March 30 - both shows curtain at 3PM - Free - at the

Hudson Guild Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd, LA CA 90038 (323.856.4249)

Presented by Chris Noth, Barry "Shabaka" Henley, Leo Fernekes and Benjamin Quinto; Produced by Terry Schnuck; Written and Performed by Robert Galinsky; Directed by Jay O. Sanders

“...carved from the lower depths... Galinsky brings a wrenching realism to his material.” LA Times

Mined from the true stories of people in the NY neighborhood where he lived in the late 80's, writer/performer Robert Galinsky presents a brutally honest, and often humorous, perspective of life on the streets through five homeless characters whose lives become forever entwined. “Simultaneously historical and street-level contemporary, it’s a wake-up call on a very visceral level," says director Jay O. Sanders. “Galinsky’s POV is from the inside, from a place that most of us have never been.”

"The Bench feel as as if it were meant to be filmed. The jump-cuts and close-ups afforded by filming can create the distance, angles, and dynamics one longed for while watching this single shot into how the less fortunate live." Broadway World

at the HUDSON GUILD THEATER - 6539 SANTA MONICA BLVD 323.856.4249 RSVP to:

For more info please call: 646.372.8666 or email